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Kenny and the Dragon

by Tony DiTerlizzi


Young Kenny Rabbit lives on a farm with his down-to-earth parents and is happiest with his nose in a book.  Thought to be somewhat "out there" by his classmates, his best friend is old George, who owns a bookshop in town and lends him books.  But one day Kenny’s farm has a new resident—a dragon called Grahame (there’s a clue in there).  Suddenly George is recalled to his former occupation by a letter from the King—he used to be a dragon slayer!  How can Kenny ensure that both his friends survive?

This is a lovely, old-fashioned book with a thoroughly modern twist.  Tony DiTerlizzi is the co-author of the bestselling Spiderwick Chronicles (Amazon US || UK), so you can expect a story with plenty of imagination.  I loved the way an old idea was turned on its head, with the moral that you should never judge a book by its cover (expect perhaps this one) and doing what tradition states you ought to do is not necessarily the best plan.  The simple pleasures in life, particularly friendship, are what count to these characters.  The illustrations are also by the author and, like the story, combine an appealing mixture of the old and the new.  I can imagine this one becoming a well-worn bedtime favorite, being humorous, comforting and thought-provoking.

The Book

Simon and Schuster
3 September 2009
1847384072 / 9781847384072
Fantasy / Juvenile (ages 7+)
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Rachel A Hyde
Reviewed 2009
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