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Kip Campbell's Gift
The Funeral Director's Son series, Book 2

by Coleen Murtagh Paratore


The second book in this series featuring the son of a small town funeral director finds Kip still trying to cope with a double-edged sword. The adolescent has discovered that the recently departed can speak to him, and only Kip can help them peacefully "cross over" if they are troubled by something left undone while they were alive.

Although he really doesn't appreciate his special ability, Kip is well-rewarded for providing this assistance to the dead, so he reluctantly does what is requested. The death of the mother of one of Kip's enemies at school places him in a very precarious situation, for the deceased woman asks Kip to let her son know she doesn't blame him for her death.

Since this adversary has been tormenting Kip for quite some time, he really isn't too keen to confront the boy, let alone share with the bully what he knows about the boy's mother's death.

On the other hand, Kip's father is in danger of losing the family's funeral home unless he can come up with $10,000 to make some repairs required by the state. Since he knows he will be able to supply his father with the funds if he acts as an intermediary in this latest, ticklish situation, Kip has to make some tough decisions.

The hero of this series is a very likable character. Using plenty of humor, the author has created an entertaining story line that moves quickly and is sure to hold a young person's attention. Even reluctant readers will find the misadventures of this boy so engrossing they'll breeze through the book's 160 pages so quickly they'll surprise themselves. When this happens, suggest the youngster go back and read the first novel, The Funeral Director's Son.

The Book

Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing
August 2009
1416935967 / 9781416935964
Chapter book. Ages 8-12
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Reviewed 2009
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