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The Last Renegade

by Mike Kearby
Illustrated by Mack White


Shelley McDuff is a con-man who owns a traveling circus in Texas.  He purchased Young-Man-Listens, young Kwahadi Comanche who was captured in 1877, at nine years old.  The boy suffered a broken ankle that never healed quite right.  McDuff keeps him locked in a cage and displays him as  "Chief Raging Buffalo, the last renegade."  

Young-Man-Listens has lived a miserable existence in that cage for two years, and all he can think of is escape to freedom and revenge against his oppressive captors.  

Now, the circus is coming to Redemption, and eleven-year-old Jake Miller along with his friend, Marty Rios, may be the answer to the young Indian's prayers. Perhaps they can help him escape McDuff's prison.

The Last Renegade is the riveting story of a child rising up against injustice and becoming a man. The characters are believable and sympathetic, and McDuff is a villain it is easy to hate. The plight of the Indian youngster is one that was played out all too often in Frontier America, and Kearby does a masterful job of characterization and plotting. The fast action gets violent at times, but definitely keeps you turning the pages.

The Book

Trails End Books
October 31, 2008
0978842294 / 978-0978842291
Tweener Fiction / Western
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Reviewed 2009
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