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Marvel the Marvelous

by Laura Chester


Kids love to read about horses and dogs, and they get to meet both in Marvel the Marvelous, where we travel to the frozen lands of Northern Joya where everything is covered in ice and snow. It is in this land, where everyone wears ice skates, that Marvel, who is the youngest of three pink ponies lives and plays.

Little Lee Rumsey is found frozen in a snowbank by the King and Queen and everyone in Northern Joya stops whatever they are doing and tries to thaw her out. The gigantic bonfire works too well, though, and soon the ice fields of Joya are melting. The last thing that Lee remembers is hearing her father's empty beer bottles rattling in the car, before she was thrown out into the snowbank.

A small stream becomes a rushing river, then suddenly Lee Rumsey and the little pink pony Marvel are swept away on an adventure. A big dog, Garbonzo, and a small pug dog, Beanie, follow along and soon catch up with them and join the wild and exciting escapade.  They are trying to find "The Treasure House," because Lee might be able to return home if they find it, but there are many obstacles along the way.

The story is a wild fantasy that is great fun, but it also tackles some serious issues.  It would appeal to ten year olds and older for independent reading, and to younger children as a read aloud family time story.

The Book

Willow Creek Press
July 15, 2008
1595438416 / 978-1595438416
Fantasy / Tweener
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Beverly J. Rowe
Reviewed 2009
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