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The Mousehunter

by Alex Midway


Emiline lives in a world of pirates, scoundrels and thousands of species of mice. Collecting mice is a hobby of the most wealthy and so skilled mousehunters are in great demand. Emiline is such a mousehunter in the employ of one of the wealthiest mouse collectors in the world. When Emiline learns her employer has hired a privateer to go in search of the most feared of pirates: Mousebeard, she knows she must join the hunt and become a truly famous mousehunter.The search for Mousebeard is an amazing adventure for young Emiline, though nothing like she expected. She learns about loyalty, treachery, and the dark world of mouse collecting.

I found the idea of a world where mice were the most coveted things a fascinating one. The varied species Alex Milway creates are quite imaginative. Some are simply lovely while others are deadly! In this world, a lowly mouse can even become a monster under the right circumstances. Though a delightful pirate adventure all by itself, the unique world created in this book adds to the texture and humor. It's clear from the ending that room exists for a sequel—and I'm sure there will be plenty of readers eager to join Emiline on more adventures after this one. It's a meaty book that is captivating and enjoyable, not just for its adventure, but for the interesting questions it asks about the effect man has on the world, especially when he wants something. I would recommend it to any adventure-loving fluent's a keeper.

The Book

Little, Brown
February 2009
0316024549 / 9780316024549
Tween Fantasy / Ages 9 - 12
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Jan Fields
Reviewed 2009
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