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Mr. Popper's Penguins

by Richard and Florence Atwater
Read by Nick Sullivan


Mr. Popper is a painter with a dream. He longs to travel to places people rarely go—especially the frozen Antarctic. When he sends a fan letter to one Antarctic explorer, he gets a surprise gift: a penguin! And so begins the adventure of the Popper family as they do everything to make the penguin happy, including adding more penguins to the Popper family home. But how will one befuddled housepainter pay for all the fish they need? Mr. Popper decides that showbusiness is the answer. I loved the simplicity and the warmth of the story even more than the comedy—it's lovely to see a warm and eccentric family who never seem to mind how much penguins have turned their lives upside down. Nick Sullivan's reading is a perfect match for the Popper antics, making the warmth and comedy both shine. Also, as an audiobook, this tale will entertain listerners too young to handle a novel-length read. Although this story was originally written in 1938, it's weathered the years well and still brings giggles from listerners of all ages.

The Book

Hachette Audio, Little, Brown Kids
April 2009, originally published in 1938
Audiobook, unabridged
1600246753 / 978-1600246753
Tweener fiction / Ages 9 - 12
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The Reviewer

Jan Fields
Reviewed 2009
NOTE: Reviewer Jan Fields is the editor of Kid Magazine Writers emagazine and has written dozens of stories and articles for the children's magazine market.
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