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Quantum Prophecy
The Reckoning, book 3: Born to Be Heroes

by Michael Carroll


A generation ago, some special humans had superpowers—but through a great battle, a machine was created that ended those powers, ending the time of superheroes. Now, the children of those original heroes are growing into *their* powers and battle lines are being drawn again. Will the new heroes do good or evil? Do they even have a choice? This third installment in the series looks a lot at the question of good and evil. If your intentions are good and you're operating according to a strong moral core, but the result is catastrophic—are you still a hero or a villain?

For the most part, the young heroes want to do good and help the world, but it's hard to know whom to trust—especially since all sides of the conflicts seem to have dark secrets. The factions are complicated and I suspect this is a series that works best when read from the beginning, but even jumping into this third installment, I found the characters appealing, the tension gripping and the storyline fascinating. The author balances the characters well, with each being a strong, clear individual, which can be tricky with such a large cast of characters.

Although the book follows a definite overall series arc about these young heroes and a past prophecy involving them, this book had a clear, strong plot arc of its own, with a satisfying ending. You can see there is plenty of room for the series to move on, but the book doesn't leave you hanging and I really appreciated that. This is definitely a series I would enjoy visiting again.

The Book

Philomel Books
May 14, 2009
Hardcover (reviewed as ARC)
9780399247279 / 0399247270
Tween Fantasy / Ages 9 - 12
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Jan Fields
Reviewed 2009
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