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Sir Bentley and Holbrook Court
The Knights of Arrethtrae book 2

by Chuck Black


As a home schooling family with two young boys, we are always looking for ways to captivate their imaginations while teaching them positive principles. Sir Bentley and Holbrook Court fulfill and exceed every expectation. Using allegory, author Chuck Black weaves a mystical, medieval tale of the Knights of the Prince who are followers of the King. It details the followers' persecution by the Noble Knights who killed the Prince and tells of Bentley's struggle to choose a life of poverty and service to others. Along the way he fights against the Ashen Knight, Lucius, and Avarick (who proclaims himself to be the root of all evil). There is even a love story for budding romantics.

Like the Chronicles of Narnia, the story of Sir Bentley itself can be enjoyed without reading into the blatantly Christian underpinnings. However, having a knowledge and basic understanding of the history and life of Jesus Christ will make the reading more enjoyable and add depth to the characters, along with additional meaning. Youth book clubs will find the story ready made for them as it includes an extensive discussion section, broken down by chapter, helping them delve into their developing sense as individuals and Christians. Parents and children can also enjoy these books together as they read aloud as a family, a chapter at a time, and discuss the principles within.

When seeking out this book, I wondered if it was necessary to read the first book in the series (also reviewed on to enjoy the second. However this tale is excellent standing alone. I believe books by Chuck Black will become a staple in my house as my sons mature, and will be loved and remembered well into adulthood.

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Multnomah Books
February 17, 2009
Tween Fiction / Fantasy / Age Group: 9-12
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NOTE: Deaf Minor Character

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Donna Satterlee Ross
Reviewed 2009
NOTE: Reviewer Donna Satterlee Ross is the co-editor of That's Life with Autism: Tales And Tips for Families With Autism and is currently working on a new book about autism and humor.
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