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Whispers From the Bay
A Dolphin Chronicles Book

by John Tkac


Mike Connelly doesn't fit in at school; he has a stutter that causes the other kids to tease him.  His brothers stand up for him, but they can't always be there for him.  Mike lives on an island called Key Biscayne off the coast of Florida, and the bay is populated by a group of dolphins. Mike feels a special affinity for the dolphins and gradually they learn the magic of communicating with each other. The garbled whispers turn into voices that Mike can understand.

When the dolphins take Mike to their secret place, he discovers something that could change the course of world history. The dolphins and their ancestors have protected their secret for centuries, and now  Mike must keep his vow of silence.  When Mike's friend and neighbor, Lucy Medina, is kidnapped and the villains leave no clues, Mike turns to the dolphins for help.  But they must find her without revealing their subterranean secret.

I enjoyed the fantasy of being able to talk to another species, and the many adventures that the boy and the sea mammals shared...Mike being rescued from the sharks and then helping the dolphins solve some of their problems.  Whispers From the Bay is a delightful story with plenty of action and suspense to keep young readers glued to the pages and characters that they will long remember.

The Book

Southeast Books
April 7, 2008
097944540X / 978-0979445408
Fiction / Tweeners
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Reviewed 2009
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