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Crossing Over
Suddenly Supernatural Book 4

by Elizabeth Cody Kimmel


Kat Roberts has finally accepted that she's a medium in training, but that doesn't mean she's eager to run into any ghosts on her class field trip to Montreal. First, she has enough to worry about with her free-spirited mother chaperoning the trip along with BFF Jac's super uptight mother. And if that isn't enough, her super secret crush is along too and she definitely doesn't want to be seen as weird on this trip. Unfortunately, the ghosts don't seem to care and Kat seems to be developing more powers she ever had before. Will she get it all sorted out before one of the meanest of the mean girls steals her crush? Again, the ghosts only add to a plot filled with the usual Middle School uproar of finding your place in this world. It's nice to see timid Kat is getting more spunk as we move through the series and some of those ghosts in the book are simply hysterical. This is definitely a ghost story where the spooks don't offer nearly the chills of a single encounter with the biggest mean girl in her class. For fans of the series, this is another bright, fast-reading gem. Also, I really enjoy the covers this series wears as they capture Kat and her tiny but courageous BFF Jac perfectly and the ghost always gets such a lovely wistful look...this is definitely a series where judging a book by its cover isn't a bad idea.

The Book

Little, Brown and Company
May 1, 2010
9780316073691 / 0316073695
Tween / Ages 9-12 / Paranormal
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Jan Fields
Reviewed 2010
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