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Demons and Druids
Daniel X

by James Patterson; Adam Sadler

      Young Daniel X is a bounty hunter like his father before him -- he tracks down intergalactic criminals and eliminates them. The bounty hunting business killed Daniel's parents, though he still have has them with him, sort of. Daniel can create things from his imagination, and they become totally real -- whether it's a giant elephant, best friends, or his own parents, Daniel can come up with what he needs. So bounty hunting should be easy, right? But in this third book in the series, Daniel is tracking an alien fire creature that takes over humans and can create burning armies to fight Daniel. For this fight, Daniel must use a power he barely knew he had and travel back in time to defeat this monster when it first arrived on earth before it grows to modern day strength. If he fails in the attempt, what could he possibly do to save himself, the earth, and his very real imaginary friends?

As with the previous Daniel X books, the fast pace and constant action help distract from the lack of internal logic. After all, when you give your main character the ability to do anything he can imagine, it does make it a little hard to believe that it's always so hard to deal with these alien creatures. But if you can relax into the wild ride and funny dialogue, the book offers a lively afternoon of light reading, and a tempting morseal for the reluctant reader looking for more BANG from a book.

The Book

Little, Brown and Company / an imprint of Hachette Book Group
July 26, 2010
9780316036986 / 0316036986
Tweener Science Fiction ( Ages 8-12)
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Jan Fields
Reviewed 2010
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