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The Ghost of Schafer Meadows
First book in the Schafer Meadows series

by Beth Hodder


Jessie misses her old friends, but the worst thing is that her new home will have no television, cell phones, Internet, or even electricity.  Talk about remote! But she quickly learns that the Montana wilderness and the Schafer Meadows Ranger Station do have some interesting aspects. Jessica's father is with the U.S. Forest Service, so the family has moved to the Great Bear Wilderness where he will be a ranger.

Jessie and her pup, Oriole, are soon exploring their new home and meeting the other people who work there. There is a rumor of a resident ghost which some, including the assistant ranger Jessie really likes, have claimed to see. Her imagination supplies her own sightings of the ghost.

Strange things begin to happen that Jessie thinks may be the ghost's shenanigans, such as things disappearing or being moved. As more things happen, and a couple of unfriendly guys raise questions in Jessie's mind, she and Oriole decide to try to find out just who, or what, is responsible for the missing items.  The suspense mounts as Jessie uncovers clues and gets closer to answers.

The realistic setting and great characters that you can really relate to, along with the escalating suspense in the plot, make this a story that is sure to please tween readers.  I can hardly wait for the promised sequel featuring Jessie and Oriole.

The Book

Grizzly Ridge Publishing
November 28, 2007
Trade Paperback
0979396301 / 978-0979396304
Fiction / Tweener
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