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A Place For Delta

by Melissa Walker
Illustrated by Richard Walker


Eleven-year-old Joseph boards a jet for what seems like an unbelievable, dream-come-true summer vacation. He’s heading to Alaska, where his Aunt Kate and her co-workers have rescued an abandoned polar bear cub. The adults are too busy to provide the continuous care the cub needs, so they call upon Joseph to help out.

Joseph’s task is not small one, for Delta must be fed and played with whenever she is awake, which is every few hours around the clock. When not with the cub, Joseph teams up with Ada, a girl he met on the plane who lives in the small town nearby. Together they work on a different problem. It turns out that Delta’s mother had been killed. But who would want to eliminate the polar bears in the area? Joseph and Ada vow to find out.

A Place for Delta is an exciting adventure story that will appeal to both boys and girls. The shooting of the polar bear is an intriguing mystery for readers to follow. The antics of Delta add a soft and often comical side, and rounding it all out is a dramatic treasure hunt at the end. All in all, A Place for Delta is a great read for this age range.

The Book

Whale Tale Press
June 1, 2010
Fiction / Tweeners / Ages 9-12
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Marcia Berneger
Reviewed 2010
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