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School Spirit
Suddenly Supernatural Book 1

by Elizabeth Cody Kimmel


At her new Middle School, Kat isn't exactly popular, but when the coolest girl in school gets a load of Kat's haunted house—things go from bad to worse. Kat's mom is a medium who helps people connect with their lost loved ones. And to make matters even creepier, Kat has been seeing dead people ever since her thirteenth birthday. How can Kat be expected to help the dead when all she wants to be is normal? This first book in the Suddenly Supernatural series takes normal middle school angst and ramps it up to supernatural levels. While the ghosts aren't really scary, the mean girls at Kat's school offer a few horrors of their own. By combining the normal Middle School traumas with ghosts, I believe this series offers something for every girl who finds she doesn't quite fit in as she had hoped. And one of my favorite parts in the book is seeing a warm, loving mom—it's a nice break from all the problem moms and dead moms I've seen in books for this age group. Kat's mom may be a little weird, but she's totally okay in my book. For any girl who likes a little "boo" in her books, this series starts off with a gasp and delivers with every book. I've found them delightful.

The Book

Little, Brown and Company
April 1,2010
Trade Paperback
9780315078214 / 0316078212
Tween / Ages 9-12 / Paranormal
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Jan Fields
Reviewed 2010
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