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Super Human
Quantum Prophecy Series, No. 4

by Michael Carroll

         This exciting fantasy story starts off with a prologue set five millennia in the past, when Krodin, the world's first Super Human led his army against the powerful Assyrians destroying the enemy, and becoming the all powerful ruler.  Krodin was some kind of king...he had the strength of one hundred men, his skin was impervious to attack, and on top of that, he could read minds.
In the present, all the adults become ill with what seems to be a very contagious virus and are disabled by it. The Helotry has begun its plot for world domination by spreading this disease.  Their plan is to bring Krodin through time where he will be dictator of Earth. The Helotry didn't count on the group of teens that seem to be immune to the virus, and have superpowers.  The kids have just begun to master their astonishing powers, but they are anxious to confront the bad guys and save the world from the scourge.
The action filled war as the Super Human teens battle the villains while trying to figure out a cure for the virus and get the adults back in action is engrossing.  It's a save-the-world sci-fi thriller that you won't want to put down, with exciting, fully drawn characters. 
If you read the first three books in the series, you will be eagerly anticipating this book, but if not, it is a fine stand alone novel.  There is just a bit of romance, lots of violence, and magic that you won't want to miss. I enjoyed it thoroughly, and look forward to more from Michael Carroll.

The Book

Philomel - Penguin Group
May 13, 2010
0399252975 / 978-0399252976
Tweener & up / Science Fiction
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Beverly J. Rowe
Reviewed 2010
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