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The Tweenage Guide to NOT Being Unpopular:
Amelia Rules Book 6

by Jimmy Gownley


Amelia McBride's best friend Rhonda is determined to stop being unpopular. And this time she has a book to help her manage it—but even the best book can't control Amelia when her sarcastic side takes over. The girls end up in a tree after running from an angry mob. Amelia knows there are far worse things than being unpopular but can she manage to be true to herself and keep her friend at the same time? This graphic novel sets a frantic pace that thunders across every page, making it a little difficult to follow exactly what the author is trying to do. I suspect coming into this series late takes made things just a bit dizzying to adjust to. Amelia clearly knows how to stick up for herself and she gets great advice from her ex-rock-star and super aunt Tanner. And the text/pictures have so many layers that this book would offer something new to the reader after several reads, making it a book that's likely to stick around. The quippy humor could clearly appeal to both boys and girls and the artwork is bright and engaging. I didn't always understand it, but I found myself having fun just the same.

The Book

Atheneum Books for Young Readers
April 6,2010
Hardcover / Graphic Novel
9781416986102 / 1416986103
Tweener / Ages 9-12 / Graphic Novel / Humor
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Jan Fields
Reviewed 2010
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