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The Wish Stealers

by Tracy Trivas


Griffin Penshine believed in wishes; she made them all the time. Good wishes to help her grandma feel better, silly wishes to make her school smell like chocolate chip cookies, and personal wishes—becoming an amazing bass guitarist. Then she meets Mariah, possibly the oldest woman in the entire world, and Griffinís life is turned upside down.

Mariah hands Griffin a "lucky penny" that is anything but lucky. Itís part of a set of eleven pennies snatched from the water right after their owners had wished upon them. Stolen wishes that bestow a terrible curse upon their guardian. And that guardian is now Griffin, the new Wish Stealer.

Griffin learns the three rules to being a wish stealer: all her good wishes will not come true, all her evil wishes will come true, and if she tells someone, none of that personís wishes will ever come true. She watches helplessly as catastrophe results from her most recent wishes. Itís one thing when school begins to smell like rotting lilies. Itís quite another when Grandma winds up in the hospital. Griffin must find a way to reverse the curse. But how?

Author Tracy Trivas does an outstanding job of drawing us into Griffinís world as we watch her navigate the normal traumas of middle school, now complicated even more by the cursed pennies. The Wish Stealers is a quick, but exciting read, guaranteed to hold the attention of tween girls.

The Book

Aladdin / Simon & Schuster
January 26, 2010
Tweener Fantasy (ages 9-12)
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Marcia Berneger
Reviewed 2010
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