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Witch & Wizard

by James Patterson
Read by Spencer Locke and Elijah Wood


Wit and Wisty Allgood are brother and sister. One night they’re pulled out of bed and arrested for being witches. All they have is a drum stick and an old book with blank pages.   During her capture Wisty discovers she can throw flames and burn without being harmed. Wit has his own powers.  They’re thrown in a magic dampening prison, but later escape with the help of... a Ghost?

The One Who is the One has taken over through The New Order. He’s hunting youths with special powers and vaporizing them. Wit and Wisty’s parents are wanted for treason. The siblings want to find them and save them. During all this Wit and Witsy discover a once secure world is now four worlds—Shadowland, Freeland, Overworld and Underworld. When they find kids like themselves hiding in a department store they’re drafted into a dangerous prison break to save others.

As in the Maximum Ride series (also reviewed on Myshelf) these youths are judged for being different. They’re on the run from angry adults aimed at harming them. They come up with their own ideas on survival. I think young readers will enjoy the variety of characters and the unique worlds Patterson has created.

Actress Spencer Locke and actor Elijah Wood narrate the audio version. Both have acted in fantasy movies popular with young audiences. Their ability to bring fantasy characters to life on the screen flows well into the audio. They effectively illustrate a fantasy world of adventure with unique characters.  Witch and Wizard is an entertaining listen. I’m confident fans of Maximum Ride will enjoy this series.

The Book

Hachette Audio
December 14, 2009
Audio book / Unabridged / 5 CDs / Appx 5 hrs / bonus PDF included
1600247725 / 978-1600247729
Tweener / Teen Fantasy
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Brenda Weeaks
Reviewed 2010
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