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Enter the Zombie
Nathan Abercrombie, Accidental Zombie
David Lubar

Starscape (Tom Doherty Associates)
January 2011/ ISBN 0765326728
Fantasy / Mystery / Children / ages 9-12

Reviewed by Willie Elliott

Enter the Zombie by David Lubar is a nice read for young readers who like mystery and adventure rolled into one story. Nathan Abercrombie is just a regular boy until he is doused with a potion that turns him into a zombie. Then, he is courted by BUM (The Bureau of Useful Misadventures) to infiltrate the wicked organization RABID (Raise Anarchy by Inciting Disorder).

When Nathan and his friends Abigail and Mookie set off to solve the mystery, the reader is in for some good detective work as well as some good laughs. The book reads like a true mystery but the premise behind the mystery is a means of introducing the humor. The contest to see who gets a chance to work for RABID is one of the funnier episodes of the novel. Older readers (who by the way might just enjoy this book) will be reminded of Agent 007 in the television series Get Smart.
This book is targeted for middle school readers and the tone and subject of the book is sure to be a big hit with that age group. It could also be a good quick read for adult readers. The author knows how to connect with his targeted group.


Reviewed 2011
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