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Into the Unknown
How Great Explorers Found Their Way By Land, Sea, and Air
Stewart Ross
Illustrated by Stephen Biesty

Candlewick Press
rFebruary 2011 / ISBN 9780763649487
Children’s picture book, explorers (Ages 8-13)

Reviewed by Bob Walch

Relive the past and the explorations of Marco Polo, Ferdinand Magellan, Leif Eriksson, David Livingstone, Mary Kingsley and nine other adventurers as they challenge the unknown.

This informative and beautifully illustrated volume contains cross-sections that unfold to display brilliant pictures of maps, ships, airships, space vehicles, and a bathyscaphe. Even the cover of the book itself unfolds into a large map that shows where the featured explorers made their journeys.

Any child interested in real life adventure will find this a fascinating book (as will many adults). After reading these dramatic stories that unfold in space, under the sea and in some of the most inhospitable regions of the globe, the youngster may want to check other sources for more detailed information about the person and his or her adventures.


Reviewed 2011
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