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Battle of the Onoxmon
Alison Kartevold

The Artists’ Orchard
May 10 2011 / ISBN 978-0984316632
Fantasy / Tweener

Reviewed by Susan Johnson

This is the story of two young sisters dearly loved by their parents. Their parents are King and Queen of KenKarta and they are young princesses.

In KenKarta, everyone has gifts and they are expected to develop these gifts to their highest. The young princesses, Sophia and Veronica, have already developed a talent for talking to magical creatures and are working diligently on their Imperium pieces.

Their father, the King, has gone away to Dragontier to help solve some problems and their mother, the Queen, soon follows.

On the evening that the Queen leaves Sophia disobeys her and leaves the castle in hopes of seeing her mother once more before she departs. Out of the darkness, an evil dragon swoops down and kidnaps the young princess and sets off a series of events that will keep the reader up way past their normal bedtime.

As Veronica, the older sister, and a young stable boy named Zane must use all of their gifts and skills in order to save Sophia, the kingdom prepares for a possible war.

KenKarta is written by Alison Kartevold with the help of her young daughters. Together they have created a world where there are not only dragons and faeries but many other fantastical creatures both good and horrible.

A young reader would be enchanted and enthralled to be admitted into this magical place.

Reviewed 2011
© 2011