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We Are Not Eaten By Yaks
An Accidental Adventure
C. Alexander London

Philomel Books / Penguin Group
February 2011 / ISBN 978-0399254871
Fiction / Adventure/ Children’s Ages 9-12

Reviewed by Jan Fields

Oliver and Cecil Navel live at the famed Explorers Club in New York because their parents are adventurers. Though the twins would rather stay home and watch television, they have been dragged on one adventure after another all their lives. After their mother disappears, their father makes a bet with the Evil Sir Edmund that he can find his wife and her discovery. The bet means another adventure for Oliver and Cecelia, and this time it's up to the twins to save the day and get cable tv as well.

Action and humor fill every page of this unusual adventure tale with its unlikely heroes. As much as Oliver and Cecil long for life as couch potatoes, the book throws them into one harrowing mishap after another. Having tested the book on my resident tween, I can say that it produced giggles and demands of "Read another chapter!" Definitely a hit.

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Reviewed 2011
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