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Athena The Brain
Goddessgirls Series – Book I
Joan Holub & Suzanne Williams

Atom (Little, Brown)
3 May 2012/ ISBN 9781907411465
Tweenage (8-12) / Juvenile Fiction / Classical Greek Era / Greece

Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde

Athena is the cleverest girl in Triton School, always inventing things and eagerly swotting. One day she has the shock of her young life when a messenger turns up with a scroll, summoning her to Mount Olympus Academy. Apparently, she is the daughter of Zeus and must now take her rightful place as a goddessgirl. But will she fit in with the others?

This is a fun look at school life for tweenage girls. It’s all here – bitching, bullying, lessons, fitting in and of course boys, but with a mythological twist. Athena makes friends but also enemies, and has to cope with more than one mean girl and vain boy while holding out for being herself. There are lots of school stories and it is easy to get tired of them, but this one manages to air the same issues, while being delightfully different. With plenty of humor, modern jokes, and all the things young girls delight in, this is a fun way of escaping from school, yet still remaining all about it. One I would have enjoyed when I was this age, and I hated school stories!

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Reviewed 2012