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Get Me out of Here!
Middle School
James Patterson and Chris Tebbetts Illustrated by Laura Pack
REad by Bryan Kennedy

Hachette Audio
May 7, 2012 / ISBN 9781611130263
Nonfiction/Children's book middle school

Reviewed by Willie Elliott

James Patterson and Chris Tebbetts combined with the excellent reading of Byran Kennedy has produced a delightful book for students in middle school and up in Middle School: Get Me out of Here! In a chapter-like book the authors have given us Ralph Khatchadorian and a slew of things that middle schoolers are capable of getting into and Rafe for a time seems to have a market on such action.

Rafe makes a couple of moves in his life which just affords more opportunities to get into trouble. The troubles that come Rafe's way are sure to delight middle schoolers and was even fun for this adult. The chapters are very short and the reader has little time to let his mind stray from the story.

The audio version gives students a chance to enjoy a story the way it was meant to be enjoyed: an oral reading. By going to the Amazon link above, the student can read a good portion of the book and if available listen to the audio version. An added bonus for such an exercise would be the value of listening to a good story teller and Bryan Kennedy is superb in reading this book. He makes even middle school antics exciting and relevant. Not a middle schooler but I liked it.

Reviewed 2012