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Life Beyond Words
Rachel Coker

March 2012 / 0310729734
Historical Fiction / Tweener / Religious

Reviewed by Willie Elliott

Rachel Cokes has written a book that is out of the ordinary on two counts: each chapter is introduced by a quote from an Emily Dickinson poem and the author is a teen writing for people in her own age group.

The story starts slowly as Alcyone is faced with problems that many young people face-an absent father and a mother with strange ideas and facing a terminal disease.

At first an adult reader might ask, "Why all the drama?" However, the targeted group will relish reading each of the episodes.

Coker knows how to create an unlikable character. It would be hard for anyone to classify her as such for most of the novel. But the reader should hang on as the author brings the story to a satisfying climax. Contrived? Somewhat, but yet a strong and believable ending.

Girls in their teens and preteens will find this book satisfying.

Reviewed 2012