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River Rampage
Max Eliott Anderson

Port Yonder Press
June 1, 2012 / ISBN 978-1935600152
Children/Fiction ages 8-12


Reviewed by Beverly J. Rowe

Sam Cooper and his friends, Tony and Tyler, have been invited to go on a rafting trip down the raging Colorado River with Tony's Uncle Harlan. It looks like it will be great fun, but very frightening, too. The boys look it up on the Internet, and the harrowing pictures of rafters fighting the rapids really puts the fear in them.

The boys raft is tied to the end of the chain of rafts so that they won't get separated. The rains this year have been heavy, and the river is wilder than ever. Suddenly the rope hangs up on a sharp rock, breaks, and the river takes over. Then, when the raft starts to go flat the boys make a dash for land. Thankfully, their equipment and supplies were packed in waterproof containers, but now they are on their own.

They meet up with an old prospector with a gold mine, who promises to lead them to civilization. They get involved with helping him to mine the gold, and outwit a gang of biker claim jumpers who are after Gus's gold. The action is fast and exciting and the boys are definitely up to the challenges.

There is even Christian inspiration as the boys offer prayers for God's intervention. Anderson definitely has the formula for exciting action stories that encourage the reluctant reader to pick up another book.


Reviewed 2012