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Tuesdays at the Castle
Jessica Day George

2011 / ISBN 9781599906447
Chapter book, fantasy (ages 8-12)

Reviewed by Bob Walch

The first in a new series by Jessica Day George, this novel introduces a very likeable eleven year old named Princess Celie, her family, and the extremely unusual castle the royal family lives in. Since it is a “living entity”, Castle Glower is actually a character in the story although it never speaks. But remember, actions always speak louder than words!

As the story begins, Princess Celie’s parents and oldest brother disappear after they are attacked by outlaws. It is assumed they are dead and Prince Rolf, Celie’s 14 year old brother, is supposed to take the throne.

It soon becomes apparent that a neighboring prince, a dastardly fellow named Khelsh who had been cast out of his own country, intends to usurp the throne and take over. It will take all of the wit and wiles of Celie along with her older brother and sister to keep this from happening. Of course, the castle will have to help out too!

I have to admit I don’t usually care for middle grade novels, but I found this one to be a delightful read. Not only were all the characters appealing but the story also moved quickly and was very entertaining. I’ve already checked my list of books to watch out for in the future to make sure I get the second installment of this series. Having met Princess Celie I want to continue our relationship and read more about her remarkable family and Castle Glower.


Reviewed 2012