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The Book of Lost Things
Mister Max Trilogy, #1

Cynthia Voigt
Illustrated by Iacopo Bruno

.Knopf Books for Young Readers
September 10, 2013 / ISBN : 0307976815
Children's Fiction / Tweeners

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks


The Book of Lost Things is Act 1 in the Mister Max Trilogy. The author brings readers a young man preparing to put on his own show. Maximilian Sterling’s parents are actors. They receive tickets to India but when it comes time for Max to join them at the docks the ship isn't there. It never was. So what happened to his parents? Max is worried and afraid. He doesn’t know if his parents have been kidnapped or if they just decided to take a trip and not tell him where they were really going. Max visits his grandmother and stays with her for a while but when she tells him to stop moping and get out of bed Max packs up and heads home. Now twelve year old Max has to find a way to work and make money. The story is about Max and how he copes by helping others. Max can help people find their lost items but he still can't find his parents. Hence Acts Two and Three yet to come.

It's a wonderful tale for kids of all ages. It's a reminder of how to focus our energy towards others in order to help ourselves. Max is a lovable, strong character. His neighborhood’s memorable and the secondary characters are remarkable. Max's grandma is tough on him which makes me wonder if she's in on it. It's an entertaining read. Kids will love this tale and look forward to the next two acts.

Reviewed 2013