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Formally titled: Diary of a Mad Brownie
The Enchanted Files #1
Bruce Coville
Illustrations by Paul Kidby

Random House Children
June 2015/ ISBN 9780385392471
Tweener / Fantasy / Ages 8-13

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks


Cursed (formally titled: Diary of a Mad Brownie) is a humorous fantasy for ages 8 to 13. It begins in Scotland with Angus. He is a Brownie (not to be confused with an elf). A family curse has him forever linked to the McGonagalls of Scotland. Angus’ family curse adds intrigue to the storyline and is slowly revealed throughout. Angus’ current charge, Sarah, is ill. She is the last McGonagall left in Scotland. Sarah sends Angus to America and her three-times great niece, Alexandra Carhart. When Angus leaves the Enchanted Realm to travel across water to America, his cousin Fergus tells him to keep a diary. The diary and other supported documents add insight and humor to this wholesome tale. Angus enters into the human world and travels to America. Once there he enters the Enchanted Realm so he can magically find Alex. Angus hopes there are no men or cats living with Alex, but luck is not on his side. Alex has a mother, younger sister, an older brother, a dad, and a large, fat, mean cat. Alex, her teacher, her brother and her cat have the Mad Brownie’s temper flaring. His presence is creating mayhem instead of order, as the men in the family start acting strangely. Angus fears his presence will ruin Alex’s family but the curse will not allow him to leave. What are they to do?

Cursed (Diary of a Mad Brownie) is a delightful story written for those who enjoy fantasy or fairy tales. Young readers will enjoy reading Angus’s diary as he shares his life in the enchanted realm where mythical creatures still live and how they are connected to the human world. Angus and Alex make a great team; they learn so much from each other. Alex’s home and school life intertwine and show how much the two affect a young person.

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