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The Girl Who Fell Beneath Fairyland and Led The Revels There
Catherynne M Valente

Much In Little (Constable and Robinson)
17 January 2013/ISBN-13: 9781780338446

Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde

If you have read and enjoyed The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making (also reviewed on this site) then you will be thrilled to see that it now has a sequel. A year has passed since September’s adventures and she is finding life on the farm difficult. She has no friends at school and her father is away fighting the war. But on her fourteenth birthday she spies two people obviously from Fairyland and gives chase, ending up in Fairyland once more. But everything is different; the people there are losing their shadows, and with them their magic. Can September confront Halloween the Hollow Queen and put things back as they were, or have things gone just too far...

If you haven’t yet read book one do go back and do so as this is very much a sequel. Once again this puts me in mind of the Victorian and Edwardian children’s books I enjoyed as a child – with a special modern twist. Adults will enjoy it just as much if not more than children, and the way it is written with its asides about the nature of childhood and growing up makes it more of a book for adults anyway. It taps into the current trend for fairy-tale-themed fiction and does its own thing, operating on many levels as a fun read on one hand and something much deeper and more complex on the other. September is now learning about being an adolescent, and growing a heart, which makes her more thoughtful, and her attitudes to situations different. This is a story about being responsible for one’s own actions and cleaning up the mess, but if that makes it sound worthy it is anything but. There is a lot to enjoy in here from the shadow versions of September’s old friends to a goblin market, knitting minotaur and prince to rescue. Miss this at your peril!

Reviewed 2013