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My Brother Is a Big, Fat Liar
Middle School
James Patterson and Lisa Papademetrious

Hachette Audio
March 18, 2013/ ISBN 14391022104
Fiction/Children 8 and up


Reviewed by Willie Elliott

When Georgia Khatchadorian enters middle school, she faces a problem often faced when older siblings have attended the same school. Usually the student is expected to match the exploits of the older child. It was the exact opposite for Georgia. She has to try to live down the image her brother Rafe has left at the school. Things do go well for Georgia.

As a former 7th and 8th grade teacher, I found the plot to be believable and entertaining. The authors owe a big thanks to narrator Lisa Papademetrious. She makes the grade school antics come to life. Even as obnoxious as Rafe is, he appeal to me as a character.

The book is episodic but the scenes move quickly and are always on target with the plot line.

Georgia is a girl who is ready to speak her mind and get past the legacy that Rafe has left. Will she be able to make teachers forget Rafe and will Rafe turn out to be a more endearing character than he first appears. Read or listen to find out. This is an easy book to listen to. For students 8 and up.

Reviewed 2013