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The Penderwicks in Spring
The Penderwicks #4
Jeanne Birdsall

Random House Children's Books
3/24/2015/ ISBN 9780375870774
Tweener / Fiction / Contemporary / Ages 8 - 12 Years

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks


I’m so glad I met the Penderwicks. What an entertaining, infectious cast of characters, right down to Asimov, Duchess and Cilantro.

The Penderwicks in Spring is a contemporary storyline written in what I call an old fashion writing style – similar to the children’s books I read in the fifties and sixties. The author keeps the reader’s attention through the characters, their likes and dislikes, their relationships and their life lessons. It’s reality with a bit of fun thrown in. The Penderwicks is a family that thrives on experiencing life and love. They live life to the fullest, love to discover their talents and learn to get along.

Eleven year old Batty is the lead character but her youngest sister, Lydia, tends to upstage her. Batty’s adventures range from humorous to tearful. Her life is her family and her talent. Batty has older sisters, a young brother and a younger sister. She has a father and a step mother who are professionals, very laid back in nature and involved in their children’s lives. They live on a charming cul-de-sac with eclectic neighbors. When Batty opens her own business, we get to meet some of her charming neighbors and their pets. In this storyline, Batty suffers the effects of a loss, discovers a surprising talent and the heartbreak of a shocking secret. Her response is to have secret meeting with her brother and this may be her down fall.

The Penderwicks in Spring is a refreshing look at childhood and how it should be. Readers will notice the absence of the television and video games. I have to say I did not miss them at all.

Reviewed 2015