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Will in Scarlet
Matthew Cody


Knopf Books for Young Readers
October 8, 2013 / ISBN-10: 037586895X
Historical Fiction / Children / Tweeners – Ages 10 and up

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks

Will Shackle is the heir to Shackley manor. His father went off to War with King Richard. Will’s uncle watches over the Manor, along with Will’s mother. Will is thirteen - old enough to hunt wolves with his uncle. During this opening battle Will earns the name Wolfslayer. Readers will enjoy the humor and action in the hunting scenes. With King Richard away, Prince John sends Sir Guy to test the loyalty of Shackley Manor. Sir Guy takes over the Manor and commits murders. Will runs for his life.

And so his journey begins… Will is kidnapped by bandits, who eventually follow him back the Manor… Will’s desire is to save his home and his people, so he learns how to adapt to this unique group of bandits. His only thought is to defeat Sir Guy.

Will Scarlet is a likable twist on Robin Hood. The difference is the lead characters are a boy and a girl. Rob and his Merry Men are a large part of the storyline. Their rivalry with another band of thieves (Crooked’s Men) offers plenty of action and humor. Tweeners will enjoy the excitement and adventure of this storyline. Parents will approve of the clean humor and language. The moral of the story I came away with was family, love, loyalty, responsibility… Highly entertaining. Highly Recommended for ages 13 and over.

Reviewed 2013