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The Enchanted Files #2
Bruce Coville

Random House Children's Books
10/18/2016 / ISBN 9780385392563
Tweener / Teens / Fiction / Fantasy

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks


With the body of a lion and an eagle, Griffins have a dual nature. They are known as Guardians of Treasure. The main character in Hatched is Gerald Overflight, a 10 hatchday Griffin. Gerald’s diary is his account of his adventures in the Enchanted Realm and the human world. In the human world, he teams up with a boy name Bradley Ashango. Bradley also shares his diary. It all begins with Gerald worrying about his tenth hatchday. He has to acquire a True Treasure to be declared a True Griffin. Gerald doesn’t believe he can find a true treasure, and he doesn’t want to disappoint his dad again, so he runs away to the human world. Gerald’s teacher, Master Abelard, directs Gerald to the Wall of Passage and the human world. Once there, Gerald learns as much about himself as he does humans, gnomes, and dragons. Will Gerald stay in the human world or return home with a treasure big enough to make his Dad proud?

Hatched is a follow up to the first in series, Cursed. Bruce Coville gives young readers a creative storyline full of unique characters, diaries, documents, news clippings, and more. There is plenty of excitement and humor to keep the pages turning. Highly entertaining.

I’m a grownup and this book absolutely enchanted me… Wonderfully imaginative.
Bruce Coville is also the founder of Full Cast Audio, an audiobook publishing company devoted to producing full cast, unabridged recordings of material for family listening.

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