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The Wishing Spell
The Land of Stories #1
Read by Chris Colfer
narrated by Chris Colfer

Hachette / Little, Brown Young Readers
July 2, 2013/ ISBN 161969820X
Tweeners - Ages 8 – 12 / Audiobook – Unabridged / 8 hours and 59 minutes

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks


The Wishing Spell opens in Prince Charming’s dungeon with Snow White visiting the Evil Queen. Snow asks the Queen a critical question then offers the Queen a chance to clear her name. The Queen, holding her stone heart in hand, considers it. Next, the author introduces his characters –Alex and Conner Bailey (The Twins). The twins’ mother and grandmother are the grownups in their lives. The twins’ story begins in the classroom with Mrs. Peters. Mrs. Peters assigns homework about Fairy Tales and morals. Lucky for them Grandma shows up with an old book of fairy tales. Coincidence? Maybe. The twins discover the truth about grandma’s book just before they disappear. Alex handles sudden trip better than Connor. The two meet up with a character called Froggie. He explains the Land of Stories with its many Kingdoms and characters. He also tells them about a Wishing Spell. While searching for the wishing spell items, the two visit the various Kingdoms and meet some timeless characters. They also discover the Evil Queen has escaped. Their adventure has just become even more dangerous.

Fairy Tales are much more entertaining when read aloud. Having them on audio is even better. Colfer is the perfect narrator. Who better to draw out the best and worst of these old familiar characters, as well as the newest ones than the writer who brought them together on the written page. Listeners will be mesmerized from the moment they hit play.

The storylines deliver an old, yet a new world in the vein of Harry Potter, Redwall, His Dark Materials, etc., and like those series, Land of Stories will live on and on.

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