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Nobel's Women of Peace
Women's Hall of Fame Series

by Michelle Benjamin and Maggie Mooney


The Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded to twelve women since its inception in 1901.  These are their inspiring stories.  The black and white illustrations leave something to be desired, but the stories told by Michelle Benjamin and Maggie Mooney in this little book will make you wonder what you can do to help promote peace in the world.  I had not heard of all of these women, but some had to struggle to be heard simply because they were women.  It is time that the world honored them for their courage, and every child knew their stories.

These women all shared a commitment to improve the lives of their countrymen, and hope for the future of mankind.  We all know about Mother Teresa, that shining example of compassion to millions, but here too is the story of Mairead Corrigan Maguire and Betty Williams who worked to end violence in Ireland, Wangari Maathi of Kenya who helped African women plant more than 30 million trees to improve the lives of communities.  Because Jody Williams assumed the role of protector for her deaf brother when bullies harassed him, she became a defender for mankind and declared war on the landmines which killed and maimed so many. Other lives chronicled in this volume are just as will want to read about them all.

There is a nice list of resources in the back of the book, and ideas on how you can become a "Troublemaker for Peace."  This book belongs in every school library, and is an excellent home school resource, as well as a wonderful conversation starter at family time.

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Second Story Press; illustrated edition
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Reviewed 2009
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