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Not a Drop to Drink
Water for a Thirsty World
National Geographic Investigates

by Michael Burgan
Peter H Gleick, consultant

      Not a Drop to Drink: Water for a Thirsty World provides a clear and concise knowledge base for children who are interested in the environment and in how scientists learn about and assess our changing planet.

This book is part of the National Geographic Society's Investigative series, which is written specifically to capture the interest of 9-12 year olds and to help cultivate their thirst for learning about scientific issues.

The other books in the series to date include: Extreme Weather, Outbreak, Medical Mysteries and Genetics.

Written in a manner that challenges a child's vocabulary, it is also an easy enough read, with the scientific terms we don't use in day to day language thoroughly explained, encouraging children to want to learn more.

The book is in full color with many breathtaking photographs and even a detailed map of North America's Watery Backbone. Included is a timeline of water related milestones, as well as charts about water consumption.

An explanation of World Water Day, which the UN has sponsored every March 22nd since 1993, is provided, along with details about water monitoring via satellites in space.

The author also provides details about the Autonomous Bethnic Explorer (ABE), an underwater robot currently mapping the ocean floor.

The book is 64 pages long and provides an easy read for slightly older children, yet younger children may also enjoy the book for the colorful photographs and charts. This book may pique a child's interest in science and perhaps the child will then want other books in the series.

Recommended specifically for children 9-12 who are interested in science and nature.

The Book

National Geographic Society
October 2008
Tweener Non-fiction / Ages 9-12
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Laura Hinds
Reviewed 2009
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