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Polar Worlds
The Insiders Series
By Rosalyn Wade

Simon & Schuster
2011 / ISBN 9781442432758
Picture book, science, geography, arctic and Antarctic (ages 8 - 12)

Reviewed by Bob Walch

Featuring 3-D illustrations, this informative book offers an excellent introduction to the Arctic and Antarctic polar regions. The author provides information on the environment, and plants and animals that live in the frigid region. She also looks at exploration and survival as well as the problems posed by global warning.

In the In Focus section there are detailed accounts of a dozen animals found in either the North or South Polar regions. These include a number of whales, the polar bear, leopard seal, musk ox and albatross.

If you are looking for an excellent general introduction to these two regions, this is the book to begin with. After the youngster reads this volume, he or she can focus on specific areas of interest or animals for further research.

Reviewed 2012