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BONJOUR! Let’s Learn French
Visit New Places and Make New Friends
Judy Martialay

PoliglotKidz Press
October 31,2017/ ISBN978-0997468700
Children & Tweener / Ages 6-10 / Nonfiction / Language

Reviewed by Marcia Berneger


Another great beginning language book by author Judy Martialay. This time she has written BONJOUR! Let’s Learn French to share a bit of French culture with children while teaching them some French vocabulary words. All of this is accomplished as we follow two children playing at the beach. There is even a fun, fantasy story about Louis l’escargot, who happens upon the sand castle the children had made, and decides it is the perfect place to live. The book includes pages to practice French, picture vocabulary pages, a song and an art project. There is nothing within the book to tell the reader how to pronounce any of the French words, but the author has included a link to a downloadable audio version of the entire book. I don’t know French at all, but the audio version was very easy to follow. I definitely recommend this book for parents to read with their children, using the audio version, to learn a bit a French.

Reviewed 2018