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Do Elephants Ever Forget?
And Other Puzzling Questions Answered
Buster’s Actually-Factually Books – Book I
Guy Campbell and Paul Moran

Buster Books (Michael O’Mara)
4 April 2019 / Out 1 September in US/ ISBN 9781780555126
Tweener / Non Fiction

Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde


How many new species are waiting to be discovered? What makes something funny? Why is the sky blue? How long could I be dead and still be brought back to life? These and many other questions get answered in this fascinating book.

Although this is ostensibly a book for children I confess to not knowing quite a few of the answers and found it a very interesting and worthwhile read. It is fun to just dive in and read an article, but there is a list of contents at the front complete with thumbnail images of the comical pictures. The questions answered cover the human mind and body, animals, food and general science topics. Find out why yawns are contagious or whether twins have identical fingerprints, identify the rarest, deadliest and oldest animals in the world and discover what might happen if an asteroid hit the earth. Climate change is discussed, together with facts about junk food versus healthier options and things like tickling, yawning and why we often feel tired when we wake up. Each article is broken up into easy to digest paragraphs shown as shaped areas on a colored background and are quick to read and written in a very child-friendly way without being condescending. Although there is a lot of science in here the book does not resemble a textbook and parents will be relieved that at least some of the questions children ask get an answer!

Reviewed 2019