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HOLA! Let’s Learn Spanish
Visit New Places and Make New Friends
Judy Martialay

Polyglotkidz Press
February 21, 2016/ ISBN 978-0991132409
Tweener / Children / Ages 6-10 / Nonfiction / Language

Reviewed by Marcia Berneger


What a great idea, excellently presented by author Judy Martialay. She has written HOLA! Let’s Learn Spanish to help children learn some Spanish words. Pete the pilot takes us on a journey to Mexico, where we meet Panchito, a Mexican jumping bean. As we read about Panchito’s journey to look for friends, we learn different Spanish words, mixed seamlessly into the story. Panchito narrowly escapes becoming a frijole dinner by jumping into los caramelos. There he’s scooped up and stuffed into una piñata, where he meets a friendly group of kids. After the story, there are practice pages and a section called “Culture Corner,” sharing a bit about jumping beans (which are not even beans, at all), frijoles and the Mercado (market). There is a song and even an art project. I know Spanish, so pronouncing the words was easy for me. But, there are no guides for that within the book. The author includes a link to a downloadable audio version of the entire book, making it easy to follow along. I recommend this to parents who want to give their children a little taste of the Spanish language.

Reviewed 2018