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Pop Out Art
Pop Out, Cut Out and Create
Wreck This Activity Book Series – Book IV
Mike Barfield

Buster Books (Michael O’Mara)
2 May 2019 / Out 1 October in US/ ISBN 9781912785070
Tweener / Non Fiction

Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde


This fun book is a lively introduction for children to the world of art. Rather than being a static look at pictures it involves the child in having a go, and seeing what fun it is. It goes beyond paintings to encompass sculptures and installations; quite a few of the artists covered are modern too which adds relevance. Looking back to my own experiences with learning about art history as a child I remember thinking that fine art was obviously something people used to do in the past. This is certainly an improvement upon that and anybody using this book will see that art is alive and well.

I say using it rather than reading it because this is a very practical book. When everything in it has been completed the book will cease to exist; very tidy and good for the environment! Printed on bright white card models can be pressed or cut out, colored in and constructed. Make a color wheel, engage in practical demonstrations of perspective, learn about cave paintings and moai, and make a spin picture, an endless landscape and a plinth to display your 3D work on. Artists covered go beyond the Old Masters and Europe to encompass Hokusai, Frida Kahlo and Jose Posada. Also included are Da Vinci, Munch, Mondrian, van Gogh and Picasso but the emphasis is very much on diversity, and also variety. Art can be a serious painting, but it can also be a fun action one, street art, installation, abstract, or involve optical illusion. In short it is anything but dead and dusty, and will prove to any child that art is not only very alive, but anybody can join in. An enjoyable and refreshing look at art that will appeal to a lot of children.

Reviewed 2019