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Travel Puzzles For Clever Kids
Buster Brain Games Series – Book IX
Dr Gareth Moore

Buster Books (Michael O’Mara)
2 May 2019/ ISBN 9781780555638
Tweener /
Non Fiction / Puzzles

Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde


Going on a family vacation? If one of the children is in the 8-11 age group, then this latest entry in Buster Books’ Brain Games series is ideal. All the 101 puzzles in this book have a travel theme and every page also features lively illustrations drawn by Chris Dickason. These feature various exotic animals packing cases, having fun on beaches and boarding various vehicles. It is all sure to put anybody into a summer vacation mood.

This is essentially a junior version of the puzzle compendiums for adults sold by newsagents. It features a wide range of puzzles from traditional spot the difference, mazes, anagrams, general knowledge quizzes and word searches to more modern Japanese favorites such as sudoku, kakuro and futoshiki. Crosswords are absent and only a few puzzles require more than a pencil and rubber. Most are tests of logic or math skills rather than knowledge of trivia which makes them more educational and more likely to be solvable without too much adult assistance. Each page has a box at the top where you can write down the solution time, and at the back are all the answers. The illustrations make the book look both amusing and attractive, and if the child does have access to coloured pencils they can be coloured in, as can a few puzzles. The book is the same format as a paperback novel and therefore an ideal size for a bag; the paper is of the cheap, absorbent type that rules out felt pens and more than a small amount of light rubbing out. Invest in a good quality white plastic eraser for best results and don’t use too hard a pencil. At just under a fiver this is an inexpensive and enjoyable book for any tweener.


Reviewed 2019