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The Ultimate Survival Guide to Monsters Under the Bed

Mitch Frost and Daron Parton

Buster Books (Michael O’Mara)
3 October 2019/ ISBN 9781780556475
Tweener / Nonfiction / Holiday: Easter

Reviewed by Rachel Hyde


Is your child worried about the monster under the bed? Would a book of strategies on dealing with them be useful? Help is at hand because a whole team of scientists at the Goodnight Laboratory have been doing some really serious science and have come up with this essential guide…

Lots of children go through a phase of being frightened by monsters under the bed, after all what might lurk in those dark spaces?! This colorfully illustrated picture book is the ideal bedtime companion with its mix of helpful ideas and humor. From the opening pages showing a team of childlike scientists beavering away among the test tubes and bottled monsters to the last pictures of blissfully sleeping children there are some very parent friendly suggestions in here. Monsters apparently hate tidy rooms, brushed teeth and clean children – who knew? Some monsters aren’t worth being scared of anyway – particularly one shaped like a giant donut! Hairy monsters spend all night in front of the mirror playing with your brushes and combs, dancing robots don’t exist and monsters’ arms aren’t strong enough for grabbing ankles. Still scared? Tell yourself a joke when you hear that creaking floorboard, or hiss like a snake. This book certainly had me laughing and is sure to amuse worried children too. If they are still apprehensive the book turns into a monster forcefield around your home once closed and even works on monsters that lurk in cupboards. With a few words on each page and plenty of colorful, amusing, non scary and modern illustrations this is a great book for sharing, and using for reading practice. I just wish I had a donut monster under my bed…

Reviewed 2020