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Writing Books for Fun, Fame and Fortune
Rik Feeney

Richardson Publishing, Altamonte Springs, Fl.
Nov 11, 2011 /ISBN: 9781935683155
Self Help, Information, Teaching

Reviewed by Claudia VanLydegraf

Rik Feeney makes writing a book easy-as-pie and enjoyable, and with a little insight, you can follow his ways and make your book an automatic seller. I wish that I had known about this guy when I wrote my own book (he was probably a youngster in the publishing world at the same time I was) but alas, it was way too long ago for my book to have gotten any help from his teaching about how to write a great little book. Maybe my book would have benefited a lot more than I could possibly have known and I might have gotten a regular publisher, one that really wanted to help me promote my book; or even if I had gone on my own (and Feeney explains how to do that) I may have gotten better reviews and more interest in my story.

Rik Feeney has a great sense of humor and explains the many ways you should think about writing without burdening you with a lot of self-important theories like "I am the ONLY person that can (write this story) say this, so I have to come off as being the best at it" stuff. He gives instruction so easily, and they are filled with great insights about the publishing world that he no doubt learned over the course of many years and many frustrations. The book is simple, easy to read, concise, enjoyable and fun, and YOU WILL BECOME A BETTER WRITER if you follow his patterns and suggestions. I have a few friends in the publishing industry and read about their frustrations about authors, and they all say the same types of things. This book explains what you need to do, how you need to do it and why, so that you can get your book published, whether it is fiction, non-fiction, the great novel, or a teaching/self-help book..

And you will actually laugh a few times during the short time, (the book is ONLY 144 pages of large type, double-spaced lists and short paragraphs) you actually spend reading it. By all means, IF you ever think you will write a book, give Writing Books for Fun, Fame and Fortune a try before you sit down and start putting words to the computer.

You can also get this little book via Kindle and probably nook and some other types of e-readers, should you have one, or should you not want the carry around the paperback version. This book is a great addition to your arsenal of ideas.

Reviewer Claudia VanLydegraf, is the author of Notes from Nobody
Reviewed 2012
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