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Tammy Boulds [September 2004]
Chosen by Shelina Emery, MyShelf.Com

     I chose Tammy Boulds because her creativity and very unique writing style captivated me from the beginning to the very end. I am a very big fan of western romance and “Along Comes A Legend” is a story that I can honestly say is like no other. “Charlie” is without a doubt my favorite character. It was very easy to become part of her world.

Tammy is also a woman I admire because she leads a very active life. With a family and a ranch, an outside job and animals, she still finds time to write and does it very well. I am a very big fan of Tammy’s and will be watching for more from this fantastic author.


Shelina Emery: Hi Tammy. Please tell us a little about yourself.

Tammy Boulds: I live in Southern Illinois, near the small town Of Creal Springs. I'm married to a wonderful man and we have a teenage son. I work full time as a Driver's License Examiner for the State of Illinois, which is an adventure each and every day. And I have always loved the Old West.


Shelina: When did you decide you wanted to be a writer?

Tammy: I've always been an avid reader even a young child. But after making a trip to the bookstore and coming home empty handed, I decided to put my imagination to work. And it didn't take long before Charlie and Garrett came to life.


Shelina: “Along Comes A Legend” is a wonderful story. How hard was Charlene’s character to create?

Tammy: Actually- 'Charlie McCuan' was a very easy character to create. I wanted her character to be very believable, with inner strength - and I grew up very much a tomboy, but unlike my character 'Charlie'I have wonderful parents.


Shelina: Do you plan to bring these characters back in the future?

Tammy: It's a definite possibility, especially considering Charlie's knack for finding trouble.


Shelina: When you read, who is among your favorite authors?

Tammy: Linda Howard, Catherine Anderson, Joan Johnston, Bobbi Smith Linda Lael Miller, Elizabeth Lowell


Shelina: Both “Charlie” and “Garrett” have siblings. Do you plan to give them a story one day?

Tammy: After completing 'Along Comes a Legend', I had no intention of a sequel. But I've had such a great response from readers asking for 'Maddie' and 'Taylor's' story, I've been thinking about it, but nothing definite yet.


Shelina: I love the cover of “Along Comes A Legend.” Who created it for you?

Tammy: My cover art was created by the staff of Publish America's art department - they have been wonderful.


Shelina: You live on a farm. Please tell us about it.

Tammy: I grew up on a sixty-five acre farm, actually it was where my father was born. There was always livestock, horses and a few head of cattle to care for, and always plenty of work. But now all the livestock is gone and my husband and I own acres of the original land that belonged to my father and grandfather. It's a wonderful place to raise a family.


Shelina: Who is your biggest inspiration and why?

Tammy: My family- they have always been so supportive and helpful. I have the best family anybody could ever imagine, and that's where I get ideas from watching and listening when we're all together.


Shelina: How much of your day do you spend writing?

Tammy: My time varies because of my job and my teenage son, but I take advantage of any free time - it may consist of only thirty minutes or several hours.


Shelina: Do you have any advice for others who wish to write?

Tammy: Writing takes a lot of discipline, but it's so exciting to create characters and bring them to life. But- one of the hardest things for me was sharing my work with other people, but don't be afraid to let others read your work.


Shelina: How may fans contact you?

Tammy: I can be contacted through my website: or Tammy Boulds PO Box 225 Stonefort,IL 62987 I love to hear from readers!


Along Comes A Legend
By Tammy L. Boulds

ISBN: 1-4137-0144-2 - Paperback
Western Romance
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Reviewed by Shelina Emery, MyShelf.Com

     On a ranch in New Mexico Territory, Charlene “Charlie” McCuan works her fingers to the bone for a father who has never loved her. Constant ridicule and taking the punishments for her siblings has made her what she is today: a tough-as-nails tomboy who never believed any man could love her. Charlie’s dream of a family of her own was just that—a dream.

    Garrett Steele couldn’t believe the man who saved him and his sister from certain death turned out to be a woman—a rough around the edges beautiful woman. Her fire and courage excites him more than he can believe, but can he convince her his feelings are real and true? Garrett has business with Charlie’s father, the kind of business that draws danger to them all. In the end, they save each other and find a love that’s lasting and true.

     Along Comes A Legend will capture your heart from the beginning to the end. For the young and the young-at-heart, this is one story that will have you smiling in pleasure, gasping in disbelief, and cheering in the end. Tammy Boulds has made me a fan, and I look forward to reading more from this author. A definite 5 stars in my book.


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Along Comes A Legend

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