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Romance comes in all shapes and sizes, not to mention color. “Romance is a love story in which the central focus is on the development and satisfactory resolution of the love relationship between the two main characters, written in such a way as to provide the reader with some degree of vicarious emotional in participation in the courtship process” – Kris Ramsdell, Romance Fiction: A Guide to the Genre.

Eventually the two main characters go through obstacles in their path, and then by the end of the novel, they live happily ever after. I believe in romance one hundred percent. I have this philosophy that there’s a mate for every male and female in the world, and we will find him/her when the time is appropriate.

Some of us are lucky to find our romances in elementary and high school, after college, at a young age, or when we’re old and more mature. Some of us are still waiting to find Mr. and Mrs. Right and we go through the process of evaluating every man/woman we meet in hopes that he’s the one to turn our wheels all over the place, and the butter on our pancakes and sliced roll.

There are some of us who don’t believe in romance, and forget about the happily ever after endings; especially standing in a bookstore, and having eye contact with someone in the mystery section of the bookstore, when you’re in the romance section. There’s an instant attraction, and its love at first sight. I believe in love at first sight, but of course, there are skeptics who think I have lost my mind. Even though, I’m not in a romantic relationship at the writing of this article, I still believe my mate is right around that corner, and romance will always be an integral part of my beliefs. I believe in love.

To overcome the plight of not having a romance in my life right now, you can find me sitting back and reading a romance. I’ll take a romance over a night out on the town, money, and a trip to New York City. I got to have my romance novels, and the genre of romance has taken over in the twentieth century. Romance novels are ruling the world because there are so many to choose from. Just log onto and many of the outline bookstores, and you won’t be surprised.

Romance has improved since the eighties and the nineties with erotic romance and the different genres coming into the forefront. Some of the genres of romance are:

  • Contemporary Romance – this is like woman’s fiction and soap operas kind of romance. These are the kinds of romances I love to read.
  • Romantic Mystery Romance – suspense and gothic – I’d love two main characters meeting and falling in love against the mystery surrounding them. Now this kind of romance is a page turner.
  • Historical Romance – in the early days of romance with petticoats. I don’t read much of these kinds of romances, but I love Rosemary Rogers’s books, so I try to be flexible in my reading.
  • Regency Romance – like historical romance, but mindful of the king and queen days. I’m not flexible in these kinds of romances because I have to admit I just don’t read them because they just don’t appeal to me.
  • Gay and Lesbian Romance – this kind of romance is taking over, but again, I don’t read these kinds.
  • Inspirational Romance – this is two main characters falling in love but they have religion and God in the mix. These are some eye-opener romances, and very good and interesting to read. I find myself learning the true form of faith when I read these romances, and what true faith really is. It brings me back down to earth in a rush.
  • Ethic/Multicultural Romance – These are my favorite with the BET line now Harlequin Line – Kimani Press Arabesque. I have been reading these books since they debut after Harlequin romances which I started with. I can relate to Multicultural romance because they are written by African-Americans and the stories are about us.
  • Erotic Romance – these are romance with the emphasis based on more sex between couples. Eroticism is very popular and authors like Zane have been introduced because of it.

What kind of genre of romance do you like to read? Genesis Press is also an essence of popular and excellent reads for Multicultural Romances. They put out two books every month, and I have most of them. They begin with two main characters, a heroine – the female; a male – the hero, and they meet against obstacles such as divorces, breakups, another male or female, lies and deceits which is the main ingredient, but they find happiness at the end. I am a sucker for joy and delight.

Remember Genre fiction is a form with a distinctive voice and the plot is the main focus. It’s widely published and very popular and the most read fiction today. I read so much romance in my forty-three years that I decided to write one, and ‘I Confess’ was born. A collaboration of twenty-two collection short stories about romance with some happily ever after endings. I wanted to join the wagon train of authors who was saluting romance to its highest degree. I wanted to be part of the genre.

So enjoying the genre of romance is a mountain of opportunities for everyone to get into the market of reading a good quality romance. You can enjoy a historical, contemporary, gay/lesbian, erotic, or just a plain old multicultural romance and still find something in the book to give you the satisfaction and cheerfulness you crave.

We read romance because there’s something missing in our lives, and with the many classifications listed, there’s a romance book out there for everyone and anyone. The genre of romance is here to stay and in 2010, the world of romance will get better and better as the many talented romance writers continue to emerge.

So instead of turning on the television or going out to party, getting drunk, and possibly into trouble, pick up a first-rate romance, settle back on a comfortable sofa or bed, and turn the pages of a genre of fiction because it’s a safe haven tactic for the moment. Seasons by Bonnie Hopkins is a good romantic read. Check it out among the thousands and take a ride with the genre of romance. Imagine one million dollars in your grasp and the material things you can purchase with this kind of money; also imagine the problems you’re going to have with family and friends. On the other hand, imagine a million dollars with a superior romance novel. Is there any difference?

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All Genre's of Romance for Everyone

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