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How To Sew Little Felt Animals
Sue Quinn

Search Press
8 May 2015/ ISBN 9781782210702
NonFiction/ How To / Toymaking

Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde


Make woodland creatures out of felt and dress them. Make them posable, the subject of their own adventures and stories. Collect them, give them as gifts, use them as ornaments or playthings. All you need is felt, a bit of sewing know-how and some imagination.

The author has sold her collectable felt toys all over the world, and looking at the photos it is easy to see why they are so popular. They have the polished look of simplicity but character, with their neat features and perfectly scaled clothing. There is a list at the beginning telling you what you need, with helpful captions on why this item has been chosen and what you are going to use it for. None of this is too pricey or hard to source and there is a fair bit of hand sewing with just a plain straight stitch sewing machine used at times. There is advice on basics like needle threading, how to do some simple stitches, filling, adding features and using cotter pins, so if you are new to toy making (or even pretty new to sewing) you can have a go. The rest of the book is divided into five parts for the animals and their clothing. These are bears, squirrels, mice, rabbits and moles. I like the large photo showing what each toy looks like before dressing so you can get a good look at it, and each project has plenty of staged photos with captions. Each set of creatures is engaged in a particular task, so you can make suitable clothes for gardening squirrels, rabbits going to school, bears going to bed, playful mice and moles off to market. The toys are posed with various props but instructions are not given for these – not a major problem as it is obvious what the focus of the book is. There are instructions for accessories such as bags, a blanket, toy teddy etc and suggestions for display. The only alloy in all this excellence is the fact that you require a computer and printer or photocopier in order to enlarge the patterns. A section at the back with them all full sized would have made the book larger, but more instantly accessible. Other than that this is one of the best books I have seen on making professional looking small-scale toys out of felt.

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