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Watercolour Landscapes
Take Three Colours Series
Geoff Kersey

Search Press
23 June 2016/ ISBN 9781782212973
How-To Books/Art

Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde


If you are somebody who has always wanted to have a go at painting but hasn’t done any, it is not obvious where to start. Any art shop or website is filled with a multitude of materials and an assistant who is eager to sell you things, but this is rarely much help. How much is it all going to cost?

Help is at hand with this book, and it is one that had me cheering. A lot of books purport to be for “beginners,” when they mean those with some basic knowledge who need a nudge in the right direction and some extra skills. This truly is for the beginner, and the canny person who is either on a budget or does not want to buy up the store and discover art is not for them. All you need to buy to paint the nine pictures in this book are three colours, three brushes and a pad of watercolor paper. This author has not forgotten what it is like to want to start but to be unsure where to do it. The book hits the ground running after a very brief introduction explaining about preparing washes and using brushes with the first simple painting. In true Search Press style, each project is illustrated with plenty of photographic steps with short helpful captions, and with each painting is a list of the skills you learn, a great touch. Scattered throughout are “Jargon Buster” points explaining terms and lots of tips too. The pictures get more complex as you progress, from very basic beginnings to a lovely summer wood, Glencoe in the snow, a sleepy river and winter trees. At the back is a page about transferring the outlines of the full sized paintings using tracing paper, or you can draw them freehand. I have reviewed a lot of books on painting for beginners but this is the one I would recommend. Well done Geoff Kersey!

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