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Publisher: Prime Crime
Release Date: May 2004
ISBN: 0425196127
Format Reviewed: Mass Market Paperback
Genre: Historical mystery (Regency era / military)
Reviewed: 2004

A Regimental Murder
Captain Gabriel Lacey #2
By Ashley Gardner

   In Regency London, on a darkened street, widow Lydia Westin is threatened and gallant Captain Lacey comes to her rescue. When he takes her home, widow Westin attempts to seduce him in her gratitude. She then learns what series readers have come to know: that the captain is an honorable, haunted man. When Lacey learns of the widow’s plight – her husband was murdered – he takes up her cause. The good widow believes her husband was killed by three men who both shamed and framed him.

    Mr. Grenville, a dandy to rival Beau Brummell, is attending a house party in Kent. The three officers suspected will also be at the house party. Grenville slips Lacey into this aristocratic house party, and together the two try to solve Westin’s murder and clear his good name.

   A Regimental Murder is a complicated mystery and Lacey is unusually stuffy for a Captain. Mr. Grenville is entertaining, but the rest of the aristocratic society seems beyond redemption. A Regimental Murder is written in first person and comes across in typical regency form.

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